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Updated: 9/17/2014

  • We're back from vacation! Now for some PRE-ORDER / NEW RELEASE UPDATES!:

    MURMURS- "Bound" LP is here and available now! ALL PRE-ORDERS for this start shipping this week! Tape version & Black vinyl version now available in store! Also available now from Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & more too!

    SONIC AVENUES- S/T LP Pre-orders have been held up with a slight delay. But we're hoping to have them sometime in the next couple weeks & ready to ship. (*End of Sept/Early October) Available now from Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & more!

    PRINCE- S/T 7" EPs should be done & available for order very soon.

    BEACH SLANG- "Who Would Ever Want..." 7" EP 2nd pressing is available now! PRE-ORDERS for Blue & White vinyl (each limited to 100) are still available but almost gone! This should be shipping within the next week or two. (*End of Sept/Early October)

    CANCERS- "Fatten The Leeches" LP Pre-orders are still a little ways out and should hopefully be shipping beginning of October. Tape version is in and going up for sale shortly. Digital version is available today (Sept. 16) via Bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & more. WHITE VINYL LP PRE-ORDER still available (Limited to 100!) in DISTROnow!

  • TOUR DATES updated!!!: Raging Nathans, Murmurs, Beach Slang, Canadian Rifle+
  • BEACH SLANG- "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken" 7" EP PRE-ORDER 2nd pressing is available NOW!!! 100 on Blue and 100 on White. (*1 of each color per order) Go get yours in DISTRO & pick up some other shit too!
  • Purple 7- "Gulf Of The Afterglow" Coming soon on 12" Vinyl LP!!! (Members of: Landlord, Defiance Ohio, Hot New Mexicans) Watch a video for"Head By The Hair" now!:

    Check out another video for "Wheels Sing" here:
  • Check out 2 songs from the upcoming THE RAGING NATHANS- "Losing It" LP on Dead Broke, Rad Girlfriend & Recess Records here!:
  • Head on over to Noisey to stream the full CANCERS- "Fatten The Leeches" LP album:
    Then, PRE-ORDER the White vinyl (limited to 100) over in our DISTRO now!!!
  • SONIC AVENUES- S/T LP Reissue PRE-ORDER for Green Vinyl (Limited to 100) is now available in DISTRO!!! Deluxe Edition Reissue of Montreal, Canada's Sonic Avenues' debut full-length album! Reissued & Remastered with 2 additional bonus tracks. Out of print since 2010. Listen to "Bored With Love", a previously unreleased track @ New Noise Magazine.

  • We are stoked to announce we will be releasing the new FELLOW PROJECT- "Basic Axemanship" 10 inch with our buddies at Money Fire Records this Fall!!! One of Long Island's best bands return! Check out a song here on the MoneyFire Sampler:
  • We are beginning to start work on 2 totally awesome releases that will be announced very soon. One is a reissue of an amazing & out of print album that was last in print 4 years ago... And the other is a very long & overdue discography. Keep your eyes peeled tightly!
  • DEAD BROKE T-Shirts finally available in DISTRO store! 3 New Designs from E.Boucher!
  • Listen to a new song from SOMERSET THROWER! (Ex-members of: The Agent, Bastard Cut, Halfway To Hell Club, etc.) Long Island. Debut 7" EP Coming this Summer!

  • STAY CLEAN JOLENE- S/T LP Coming Soon! Englands' best kept secret of exciting, heartfelt & melodic punk rock! Co-release w/ Drunken Sailor, Rad Girlfriend & Eager Beaver Records.


    MURMURS- "Bound" LP / TAPE
    Seattle, Washington's kings of crusty pop-punk are back with their first official full-length album. Last year saw the vinyl release of the bands' debut batch of songs titled, "Fly With The Unkindness". Well, Murmurs are back and are here to kick the goddamn door in with, "Bound". Drawing from earlier pop-punk influences (ranging from the East Bay to the Northwest), the band pushes further on with their dark, urgent & poppy melodic tones. All while churning it up with a chunk of fuzzed-out grunge rock, this time around. If you weren't a believer before, then you will be now. An outstanding effort & one of our favorite records of the year, straight up. (Members of: Snuggle, Pipsqueak, No Hi-Fives To Bullshit, Transient & more.)

    AUTONOMY / NO SIR, I WON'T- Split 12" LP
    Lost Split 12" LP recovered from the vaults by Dead Broke & Dirt Cult. Autonomy is originated from Carbondale, IL. and play a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful Man, etc.) and bring that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. Oi.

    BEACH SLANG- "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? 7" EP
    Indie/Emo/Pop-Punk from Philadelphia, PA. featuring members of Weston, Ex Friends & Crybaby. Recorded on August 30th and 31st, 2013 at The Gradwell House In Haddon Heights, NJ by Dave Downham. Mastered at Armstrong Recording Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Stephen Egerton. Their debut release.

    CANCERS- "Dig / Moral Net" 7 inch
    7" single of pop-soaked grunge punk rock from Lenny (UNFUN) & Ella (DEAD DOG). These two songs fucking ruuuule, pick this up and get stoked for their full-length. Str8 outta Athens, GA. Co-release w/ Dirt Cult, Off The Books & Kandy Kane Records.

    BEAR TRADE- "Blood & Sand" LP
    Debut full-length album from England's melodic punk rock sleuth brethren. (Ex- Blocko, Southport, Former Cell Mates, Mercury League) Comes w/ download code. BLUE SPLATTER on Milky WHITE Transparent Vinyl! First 50 orders include full color 11x17" poster.

    FAILURES' UNION- "Tethering" LP
    Buffalo, New York's long-standing indie/pop/rock bands' third full-length album! For fans of Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Girls, Lemuria & other indie pop good-ness. Digital download code included. Limited to 100 copies on Yellow & Green Mixed Colored Vinyl!

    The debut full-length album from Brooklyn's technical, chaotic, melodic punk rock-metal trio featuring members of: I FARM, GSD, Man Without Plan, The Shemps & more. This insane monster-piece will totally freak & satisfy your minds eye and ears. The best new record you've never heard.


  • PRINCE- S/T 7" EP

  • SONIC AVENUES- S/T LP (Reissue)

  • CANCERS- "Fatten The Leeches" CD/LP/Tape


Coming kinda soon & a bit later on Dead Broke...




  • PURPLE 7- "Gulf Of The Afterglow" LP

  • SOMERSET THROWER- "Falling Swingers" 7" EP

  • HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP

  • FELLOW PROJECT- "Basic Axemanship" 10 inch

  • JAMES ALEX (Beach Slang & Weston)- TAPE / Download

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