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Updated: 10/9/2015

  • Check out the new Iron Chic "Ys" EP if you haven't! We got a limited amount of import copies in up for sale now in our Distro Store, but not for long! Download / listen:
  • ***CAVES- "Leaving" 1-Sided 12"PREORDER UPDATE*** : Unfortunately, due to problems at the pressing plant beyond our control, we had to change the Colored Vinyl for the CAVES Preorder. But no fear, it will actually look even cooler than it was supposed to!!! The record will now be on PINK VINYL with a 2-Color Fade Screen-printed B-Side (Limited to 100). Here's a mock-up photo (not guaranteed to be exact) of how sick this is gonna look ....

    Well, the records are pressed and off to the screen-printer & these should FINALLY be SHIPPING End of *OCTOBER. So sorry for the massive delays. Sit tight. Black vinyl available now! You can still grab a Pink Screen-printed variant (but not for long) in our Store: here
  • VACATION- "Back To The Land" 7" ON SALE & Shipping Now!!! Two Unreleased exclusive songs cut from the bands‘, “Candy Waves” album. Two completely different versions of this song from these Ohio spazzed-out lo-fi punk rockers. 100 on Limited Clear Orange, 100 on Limited Opaque Red, 300 on Black. Order now: here
  • HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP Available Now!!! 100 on Limited Clear Vinyl, 400 on Black vinyl. Shipping now! Brand new 7" EP from long-standing Chicago-area punk rock veterans. Grab the vinyl: here
  • PETAL HEAD- "Raspberry Cough" album streaming now!!! Awesome Long Island indie/pop/grunge shoe-gazing punk. Cassette Tape version will available soon on Dead Broke. Album stream up at New Noise Magazine
  • SIGN UP for the Dead Broke Mailing List! Get info first on NEW RELEASES, PREORDERS, CONTESTS & more! Click here to sign up:
  • SLOANE PETERSON- "Why Go Out?" LP 2nd press Limited to 200 on Black vinyl (Purple screen-printed covers on recycled jackets!) available now!
  • Here it is! Presenting TENDER DEFENDER! 12" Mini-LP Coming later this year on Dead Broke. Members of Latterman, Iron Chic, RVIVR. Listen & get more info at: NOISEY
  • New DEEP POCKETS song up! From upcoming 7" EP on Dead Broke Rekerds. NYC indie/punk rock. Listen up and get stoked...
  • DISTRO STORE UPDATE! : If you haven't seen all the cool stuff we've been casually sneaking onto the web store like Dead Broke "Fly" T-Shirts, Zip-up Hoodies, "Stoned Simpsons" Stickers & more, then you should go take a look! Not to mention all the cool new distro releases on LP, 7", CD & Tape from tons of great bands. SHOP TIL YOU DROP: Check out our New Products
  • HAVE YOU HERD THE GOOD NEWS?! New WITCHES WITH DICKS record coming in 2015 on Dead Broke. OI OI OI! Listen to a new song about the Ramones here:


    HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP
    Brand new 7" EP from long-standing Chicago-area punk rock veterans. Originally
    from Arizona, Horace Pinker has been churning out their blend of melodic & powerful punk rock anthems for nearly 25 years. And they still fucking got it. Their first 7" release in almost 20 years. Woah. Follow-up release to 2011's full length album, "Local State Intertia". Recorded & Mastered by Mass Giorgini. Featuring Dan Lumley (Riverdales/Squirtgun) on drums. 100 on Limited Clear Vinyl, 400 on Black vinyl.

    CAVES- "Leaving" 1-Sided 12"
    North American release of England's noisy pop-punk masters' latest 8-song 12". Bristol, UK punks CAVES' third album. Pressed on a 1-Sided 12" this time around, with a limited version of 100 copies on Clear/Orange swirl vinyl with Screen-printed B-Side. Full color album jackets and inner sleeves, this one is a beaut. Brilliant, fast-paced, lo-fi, beautifully melodic pop-punk thats perfect in all the right places. "Leaving is best described as an experiment for Caves, both in design and concept. However, what makes it truly impressive is its ability to retain and expand the sound catalyzed a record earlier, while maintaining an audacious vigor."

    CASUAL- Self-Titled LP

    Full-length debut from this New Jersey melodic, indie pop-punk band. Ex-members of NONA, Caseracer, Pinkus & more. "...Their brand of witty, technical "pot punk" has been turning heads for a couple of years. Now, Casual – guitarists Mike Haller and Jeff Hersch, bassist Liz Parsons, and drummer Joe Brendel – is finally dropping their self-titled full length on Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds. From the jump, the band tackles the issues that pop up in suburban life – boredom and a Magic: The Gathering obsession on the scream-along second track "Mana Burn", drug addiction on the burning, furious closer "Opium" – with a tenacity and thoughtfulness far beyond their years. Casual is a fantastic first effort for a band that's quietly building a reputation for their energetic live show."

    GET BENT- "Discography" CD/LP
    Complete Discography. Re-mastered and available on a single piece of vinyl and/or compact disc. Finally. Gloriously Remastered by Carl Saff (Saff Mastering). Members have been involved with the following bands: Potboiler, Down In The Dumps, Jonesin', Red & Blue, Iron Chic, Thousandaires, How Do We Jump This High?, Wax Phantom & so many more. 400 pressed on Black vinyl, 200 on Color.

    OUTTA GAS- S/T 7" EP

    Brooklyn indie pop-punk band featuring members of For Serious This Time, Giant Peach & Cattle Drums. "Outta Gas are a relatively new band on the NYC punk circuit but they've already become regulars in the scene. The band now has a follow up to their 2013 debut cassettee on the way, a self-titled 7" EP. 'Every Minute' follows the frenetic pace Outta Gas set with their debut, loaded with careening guitar lines laid over a heavy-thudding drumbeat. The song has singer Alex using his broken shout, and his mile-a-minute delivery is a perfect fit for the song's runaway energy. It makes the two-minute runtime blow by in a breeze."- (BKVegan) (Co-release w/ Life on an Island & All In Vinyl)

    Chattanooga, TN. by way of Florida, North Carolina, California. Basement Benders play a hybrid style of region rock, pop punk and power pop. Fresh off a short European tour and ready to drop their debut LP. Drunken Sailor Records and Dead Broke are siked to present the Benders debut EP. Featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Stun Guns, Sexy, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Tulsa, Black Rainbow and so many more. These songs have a soul, an optimism and each tell a story. A new band to fall in love with. We sure did.

    PURPLE 7- "Gulf Of The Afterglow" LP
    Proper vinyl release of super limited Cassette-only release from this Bloomington, IN. trio. 11 songs of Lo-fi pop, indie, punk band compiled of members of DEFIANCE OHIO, LANDLORD & HOT NEW MEXICANS! 1st pressing is 300 copies on Black vinyl.

    SPRAYNARD- "Cut & Paste" LP (Reissue)
    Much like Jesus, Pennsylvania pop-punk prodigies SPRAYNARD died and were resurrected a short time later, with slightly longer hair. With the band touring again and planning a new full-length, Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds thought it was high time to repress Spraynard's long out-of-print and highly sought after 2010 debut LP, Cut and Paste. Spraynard perfected a style of highly musical shout-a-long anthem writing pioneered by bands like Latterman and Cut and Paste captures them in the midst of some kind of songwriting growth spurt. Remastered by Carl Saff with lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers, this new 1000-piece pressing of "Cut and Paste" will be 6 parts black, 2 parts ketchup and 2 parts mustard, much like the black bean burgers that sustained Spraynard throughout their first incarnation. 600 on Black, 200 on Ketchup, 200 on Mustard vinyl.


  • VACATION- "Back To The Land" 45rpm 7"

  • THE SOVIETTES- "Rarities" LP

Coming kinda soon & a bit later on Dead Broke...

  • WITCHES WITH DICKS- "Not Just a Passing Season" 1-Sided 12" EP


  • TENEMENT- "Bruised Music" Vol.1 TAPE
    TENEMENT- "Blind Wink" TAPE (Repress)
    UNFUN- "Waterboarding" TAPE
    WE/OURS- "Pretty Out There" TAPE

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