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Updated: 4/22/2015

  • PURPLE 7 - "Gulf Of The Afterglow" LP is AVAILABLE NOW in DISTRO! Lo-fi indie rock basement pop featuring members of Defiance Ohio, Landlord & Hot New Mexicans.
  • DISTRO STORE UPDATE!!! : If you haven't seen all the cool stuff we've been casually sneaking onto the web store like Dead Broke "Fly" T-Shirts, Zip-up Hoodies, "Stoned Simpsons" Stickers & more, then you should go take a look! Not to mention all the cool new distro releases on LP, 7", CD & Tape from tons of great bands. SHOP TIL YOU DROP: Check out our New Products
  • CASUAL's S/T LP will be dropping this Summer and it's time to get stoked for it already. NJ.'s finest indie rock pop-punk rockers will be hitting the road to support the release too. Check out the dates here! Jam these two hits from the album right now: "Spent" + "Mana Burn" .
  • TOUR DATES added to SHOWS : Iron Chic/Spraynard, Outta Gas, Casual...
  • SPRAYNARD- "Cut & Paste" Colored Vinyl LPS are AVAILABLE NOW in DISTRO : 200 on Ketchup color vinyl, 200 on Mustard color vinyl for Preorders! ***UPDATE: PREORDERS are all SHIPPED! Also, Don't forget to grab your Spraynard T-Shirt, "While supplies last!" Available bundled with LP or solo. (Limited Dead Broke Dr. Teeth Shirt available too!)
  • SOMERSET THROWER- "Falling Swingers" 7" EP available now in DISTRO. Long Island indie punk greatness. Don't snooze on this one, seriously great stuff.
  • Get familiar with this god damn gem of an album. We'll be releasing it in the U.S. soon!
  • HAVE YOU HERD THE GOOD NEWS?! New WITCHES WITH DICKS record coming in 2015 on Dead Broke. OI OI OI! Listen to a new song about the Ramones here:
  • Purple 7- "Head By The Hair" (Music Video):

    Check out another video for "Wheels Sing" here:


    PURPLE 7- "Gulf Of The Afterglow" LP
    Proper vinyl release of super limited Cassette-only release from this Bloomington, IN. trio. 11 songs of Lo-fi pop, indie, punk band compiled of members of DEFIANCE OHIO, LANDLORD & HOT NEW MEXICANS! 1st pressing is 300 copies on Black vinyl.

    SPRAYNARD- "Cut & Paste" LP (Reissue)
    Much like Jesus, Pennsylvania pop-punk prodigies SPRAYNARD died and were resurrected a short time later, with slightly longer hair. With the band touring again and planning a new full-length, Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds thought it was high time to repress Spraynard's long out-of-print and highly sought after 2010 debut LP, Cut and Paste. Spraynard perfected a style of highly musical shout-a-long anthem writing pioneered by bands like Latterman and Cut and Paste captures them in the midst of some kind of songwriting growth spurt. Remastered by Carl Saff with lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers, this new 1000-piece pressing of "Cut and Paste" will be 6 parts black, 2 parts ketchup and 2 parts mustard, much like the black bean burgers that sustained Spraynard throughout their first incarnation. 600 on Black, 200 on Ketchup, 200 on Mustard vinyl.

    SOMERSET THROWER- "Falling Swingers" 7" EP
    Long Island, NY melodic indie/grunge/punk from ex-members of The Agent, Polygon, Halfway To Hell Club & more. Somerset Thrower power through on their debut EP with four catchy, urgent & hook-laden 90's influenced punk songs. To top it all off, the band delivers a great rendition of a Smashing Pumpkins song, as a digital only bonus track. This is not a debut to be looked over. Get on it.

    Iron Chic - Fucking fantastic existential, anthemic, and melodic punk rock. I don't really feel the need to say much more. You know who these guys are. This is their first release since their well received, Bridge Nine released "The Constant One" LP last year. Ex-members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer & more. One of these songs is a B-side from "The Constant One" too. Low Culture - released their debut LP "Screens" in 2013 on Dirtnap Records. Features members of Shang-A-Lang and Marked Men, and sounds pretty much like a cross between the 2 bands, with the former's distinct songwriting style mashed together with the latter's tighter, cleaner performances. These recordings are the results of the band's first trip into a "pro" recording studio, sounding cleaner but no less effective than past material.

    FELLOW PROJECT- "Basic Axemanship" 10" EP
    Fellow Project is a band that exists without any kind of hype attached whatsoever. After forming nearly 13 years ago on Long Island, the band put out one of their first albums, "The Buried Life" on Dead Broke Rekerds. Another album followed ("The Stable Life") a few years later, amongst many EP's and 7" Splits. Now, the powerhouse known as Fellow Project brings forth their best material to date with their newest 6-song EP. With a sound all their own, blending aspects of Punk, Indie rock, Post-hardcore & Folk, along-side comparisons of Small Brown Bike, Lou Reed, Fugazi and even a spaghetti western. Featuring ex-members of: Bridge & Tunnel and On The Might of Princes.

    Debut album from this consistently brilliant punk rock super-group! Featuring members of The Leif Ericsson and The Great St. Louis, Stay Clean Jolene's pedigree speaks for itself. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that their debut, self-titled, album is a masterclass in how to pen perfect, anthemic, heart-on-sleeve punk-rock in 2014. With a rich legacy of homegrown legends like Leatherface and Snuff, SCJ play homage to the UKs finest while building on the incredible foundation of their previous bands output to produce an album greater than the sum of it's parts.

    The Raging Nathans are from Dayton, Ohio, and they sure are raging. Hyped-up, melodic punk rock bursting with sick pop-punk flavor at its very core. (early) Green Day, Screeching Weasel & even contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, all come to mind. But all the good parts. Whether it be a gut-wrenching melodic jam or a ripping four-chord pop-punk blazer, the Nathans indeed bring their own brand of flavor to the mix. All the while keeping it very fresh and tight. Tight as hell.


  • OUTTA GAS- 7" EP


    (Members of: Future Virgins, Hidden Spots, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb+)
  • GET BENT- "Discography" CD/LP


Coming kinda soon & a bit later on Dead Broke...

  • HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP

  • CAVES- "Leaving" 1-Sided 12"

  • VACATION- "Back To The Land" 45rpm 7"


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