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Updated: 5/26/2016

  • CHANDELI'ERS- "Breaker" LP is out & streaming now over at New Noise! First 100 copies on Blue vinyl! Pick it up now in our Distroor from Dirt Cult! (Members of Ringers, Besties, World Inferno, etc.) Check it out:
  • SISTER KISSER- "Vipers" LP is back in stock for a limited time! Last copies! Grab one.
    UNFUN- "Waterboarding" 2nd press Tape
    FROZEN TEENS- Self-Titled Album Tape
    DINOS BOYS- "Last Ones" Tape
    IRON CHIC- "Spooky Action" 2nd press Tape

    (*Buy all 4 Tapes in a Bundle 4-Pack for only $18 too!*)
  • **ALL TENDER DEFENDER COLOR VINYL PREORDERS SHIPPED!!! 12" VINYL & CD available in our Distro/ Digital available on Itunes/Spotify/Bandcamp+ now!
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    DIGITAL available now on Bandcamp, ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp & all digital outlets!
  • New RATS REST 7" EP Streaming now!!! Vinyl available on Dead Broke Rekerds & followed by a west coast tour in July!!! (European release on Peter Out Records) Listen below.
  • Very excited to announce we'll be releasing the entire RVIVR catalog on pressed Cassette tapes! From their S/T album to their newest "Bicker & Breathe" EP. Siked to finally release some stuff by our good friends & one of our favorite bands.
  • We got some more copies of IRON CHIC- "Ys" 7 inch from Australia! These are probably the last copies we'll grab for over here, so grab one in Distro if you missed out! ($2 cheaper too). 
  • Long Island's 1st Annual WILD FEST!!!w/ CRIME IN STEREO, MIND OVER MATTER, CAPITAL, IRON CHIC, SISTER KISSER, AGENT & more! Check it out: facebook
  • CHANDELI'ERS (members of Ringers, Besties, World/Inferno Friendship Society) debut "Gabriel" from their upcoming "Breaker" LP coming this Spring on Dead Broke & Dirt Cult Records! Check it out on now!
  • New Titles, Releases & Re-stocks added in our DISTRO store! New Dead Broke Hoodies too! Check it out and grab some killer new stuff here: NEW PRODUCTS
  • ATTENTION OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS:There has been a major hike in USPS shipping prices from the U.S. to international customers. While we work on adding some cheaper options for you, the best tip we can give you is to ORDER MORE THAN ONE ITEM at a time. As the price doesn't rise as much with additional items added to your order, it seems. So load up.

    Also, Don't forget you can still get most of our releases over at Drunken Sailor in UK & Green Hell in Germany! (As well as various other labels/stores in your area. Check out Info for a list.)
  • REST IN PEACE ROBERT MCALLISTER of Iron Chic/Capital (1980 - 2016) <3

    Thanks to all who ordered Iron Chic records last month! We have donated the money to the Mcallister Family Memorial Fund. Share the link & donate if you can too.

    We will forever be donating all sales made from The Reformation (Rob's old band) album on bandcamp. Long Island Indie/Emo/Punk. Check it out: 


    FROZEN TEENS- Self-Titled TAPE
    Minneapolis' garage punkers' 2012 full-length album, pressed on a high-quality Cassette. 100 pressed on White Tapes w/ Red Imprinting. (New 12" coming soon on Dead Broke!)

    5 songs of melodic punk, ex- LATTERMAN! Phil Douglas (Iron Chic), Mattie Jo Canino (RVIVR) & Pat Schramm (Bridge & Tunnel). 25 minutes of amazing punk anthems that are totally classic already.

    DINOS BOYS- "Last Ones" TAPE
    Sleazy garage punk rock & roll from Atlanta, Georgia! Debut album pressed on a high-quality Cassette Tape limited to 100.  Includes download code. (Vinyl on Oops Baby Records)

    Long overdue Split 7" EP from veteran California punks (Dan Padilla) & Austin, TX. pop punkers (Prince). Dan Padilla is one of THEE best west coast melodic punk bands & includes members of Tiltwheel, Madison Bloodbath & more. This is sadly, their last release. So fucking get it. Prince, yes they're called Prince, get over it... is some kick ass garage-y, lo-fi pop-punk from a buncha jerks that played in: Dude Jams!, Punkin Pie, Huff Stuff Magazine & others they probably don't want me to mention. 400 Black vinyl, 100 Opaque Blue vinyl.

    WITCHES WITH DICKS- "Not Just A Passing Season" 1-Sided 12" EP

    Eight brand spanking new tunes from the newly revived Boston hard pop-punk dingus masters. 400 Black, 100 Opaque Yellow vinyl. Limited Yellow SOLD OUT! Black vinyl still available.

    THE SOVIETTES- "Rarities" LP
    Proper Reissue release of the long-lost SOVIETTES collection of 7"s, B-Sides and non-lp songs! Previously available on a now defunct label and now distributed and widely-available for the first time. Split release w/ Rad Girlfriend Records. 300 Black, 100 Green (Dead Broke) 100 Yellow (Rad Girlfriend) vinyl.

    UNFUN- "Waterboarding" TAPE
    Unfun's final album, "Waterboarding". The signature gut-wrenching melodic pop-punk you've come to expect, this time layered in even more fuzz & grime. Totally fucking brilliant departure. RIP. 100 pressed on high-quality Black Cassette Tapes.

    TENEMENT- "Bruised Music Vol. 1" TAPE
    Tenement's first collection of singles & B-sides, "Bruised Music Vol.1". 150 pressed on
    high-quality Blue Cassette Tapes. (LP available on Grave Mistake & Toxic Pop Records)

    WE/OURS- "Pretty Out There" TAPE
    Debut album of melodic post-punk/indie from Minneapolis, MN. (ex- Frozen Teens
    & Sundowners) 100 pressed on high-quality Yellow Cassette Tapes.

    VACATION- "Back To The Land" 7" Single
    Hot off the heels of the bands' newest full-length album, "Non Person" on Don Giovanni Records, we bring you 2 Unreleased exclusive songs cut from the bands', "Candy Waves" album (Lets Pretend Records). 2 vastly different versions of an unreleased track, "Back To The Land". Both versions are widly different, style-wise and performance-wise. Not just an alternate recording. Two completely different versions of this song from these Ohio spazzed-out lo-fi punk rockers. 100 on Limited Clear Orange, 100 on Opaque Red, 300 on Black vinyl.

    HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP
    Brand new 7" EP from long-standing Chicago-area punk rock veterans. Originally
    from Arizona, Horace Pinker has been churning out their blend of melodic & powerful punk rock anthems for nearly 25 years. And they still fucking got it. Their first 7" release in almost 20 years. Woah. Follow-up release to 2011's full length album, "Local State Intertia". Recorded & Mastered by Mass Giorgini. Featuring Dan Lumley (Riverdales/Squirtgun) on drums. 100 on Limited Clear Vinyl, 400 on Black vinyl.


  • CHANDELI'ERS- "Breaker" LP

    (Ex- Ringers, Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society)
  • RATS REST- "On The Eastside" 7" EP

  • SHOTWELL / MIAMI- Split 12" LP (Reissue!)

Coming pretty soon and a bit later on Dead Broke...

  • DEEP POCKETS- "New Life" 7" EP

    RVIVR- "Joester Sessions" TAPE
    RVIVR- "The Beauty Between" TAPE
    RVIVR- "Bicker & Breathe" TAPE

  • TENEMENT- "Bruised Music Vol.2" TAPE
    TENEMENT- "Predatory Headlights" Double TAPE Box

  • SHALLOW CUTS- "Empty Beach Town" TAPE

  • FROZEN TEENS- New 12" EP

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