MAYFLOWER- "Second Best Sunsets" LP- PURPLE

MAYFLOWER- "Second Best Sunsets" LP- PURPLE
This record has been a long time in the making. After self-releasing their first demo and the "Lighter Fluid" 7" (Which featured 2 songs from this LP and a B-side), Mayflower has finally unveiled a sizable chunk of material for the people. This LP is a cynical punk rock jaunt in the vein of Off With Their Heads or Dillinger Four. After the introduction, the record kicks things in gear with the incredibly catchy "I Never..." With varying tempos like the slower "I Want to Live" and the memorably short and fast "Cellophane," Mayflower provide enough variation on this LP to keep it interesting at all times with their rough-around-the-edges brand of punk rock. This one is perfect for drunken singalongs, but also features smarter-than-average songwriting.


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