ARRIVALS, THE- "Marvels Of Industry" LP

ARRIVALS, THE- "Marvels Of Industry" LP
The best Arrivals full-length, hands down! Their 3rd album and first release on Recess Records. Featuring Paddy from Dillinger Four.

"I was excited as all hell when one of my favorite bands, not only my favorite of all active bands but one of my favorites of all time, asked me to do their next album, but I can compare the initial excitement to a piece of hamster pie when i set it next to how i felt when i first heard the master to this album! I had unforgiving goosebumps for 3 weeks straight! I dunno how to say this without sounding like a used car salesman but THERE IS NO FILLER ON THIS ALBUM! One might think the track 'Why You Talk All Shitty?' might fall under that umbrella but once they turn it up a bit and realize that it is a question that needed to be asked years ago then they will understand what kinda record they have just stumbled upon. Super proud of this!"-Todd, Recess

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